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The Personal vs The Professional

Social_Media_icons-e1287320607254 When my grandmother was born many people did not have a telephone in their home, now although most have a telephone they don’t use it for talking. Before she passed last year my grandmother not only owned a cell phone but could send a text. Social media has transformed how we use telephones and computers and changed how we speak. Now I have the option of letting the whole world know that my son made straight A’s on his report card. But who really cares? And why am I telling them? Social media outlets can be fun and informative depending on how it’s used.

I have realized that although amazing in, nature social media is a wonderful tool for networking and presenting myself as a professional social worker. I have to be mindful in what I say and where I say it.  I see many non-profits using social media and I think it is helpful to follow or like them or put my info out there to be seen. I have not embraced social media for professional use as much as I can. I have FB and a Twitter account for my Gluten Free bakery but I am not very active in posting. I do not really understand how to use it so, I post very little.

My boyfriend thinks social media is too much information. LOL I somewhat agree. When Twitter first came out I thought, geez, I don’t need to know that much about someone. However, there are certain people who only use social media for personal stuff. And that to me can be too much. I am excited about this social media class for personal and professional reasons. With this new blog and my personal FB page I am moving forward quite well. I did better with my Myspace page, lol. I knew how to add music, played around with backgrounds and all kinds of things. I think I feel like I do not have time to update, post and follow. However I am learning how important social media is to my business and my future. It was fun to find my preschool friend on FB but it will be even better to allow social media to increase business profits or help me land a professional job as a social worker.


One thought on “The Personal vs The Professional

  1. Tiffany,

    You have the start of the issues here. The quesiton of TMI or not enough? The question of protecting and separating your professional and personal and yet still finding ways of bringing them together. Take a look at a couple of the articles I sent out to folks and you can get more of what I mean. And yes, M’am we will get that business of your going too – right along with the social worker.

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