Yes, rum.

ImageGluten is over rated, lol. Well for me it is. Tiramisu is no longer off limits for me, not that I ever really liked it. At my bakery, The Free Cookie, we make this tiramisu cupcake with chocolate, coffee and rum. Yep, rum in a cupcake! It is not a cupcake you eat everyday, or maybe for lunch if you are at work, but it is a nice treat. For a long time it was hard being GF, DF, NF, SF, OF (dairy, nuts, soy, oats), but since we started this bakery thing and it’s become more of a fad eating is not so bad. 

It’s fun making lots of “Free” stuff for others like me. Especially since a lot of GF stuff tastes like cardboard. No the rum does not add the flavor to the cupcake or mask  a nasty taste but it does add punch to an already great cake.  

2 thoughts on “Yes, rum.

  1. OK I love this. Let’s talk about sizing photos, but basically I love the look. Let’s also talk about my getting you to bring in some cupcakes for the class (on me). There is so much more you could have shared with us about all of this. I look forward to hearing more in the future.

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