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Privately Open and Brave

Bravery is a trait we begin to strive for as a young child. We tell our little ones to be brave and walk on their own, to speak to people, and to go off into a classroom by themselves. Some of my favorite lessons on bravery are found in childhood movies. At first Disney was making waves with brave animals. They moved on to teaching young girls that they could be brave, even if it involves cross dressing, lol. Now as I watch kiddie shows with my five year old, bravery lessons involve getting off the couch to play outside. 

So after all these years of bravery collecting, have I learned how to be brave? What does it take for me to show my braveness? That brave face I made after taking off all the skin on one leg while playing high school softball is a testament to my bravery. Well somewhat. Ok so maybe that was stubborn courage to not show pain. So bravery is when I went to a small community in northern Russia  and single handedly represented the whole African American culture. I was even licked by a young girl who thought I was made of chocolate; now that is brave (and gross). I displayed bravery by speaking in front of hundreds of people once. 

The thought of being brave has become more complicated the older I’ve gotten. It’s beyond “baaaaaaa” and now I encompasses “NO!” Raising a child in today’s society is brave.  Trying to make sure that he is protected from over stimulation, and trying keep him and my young sister to understand brave and privacy are one  in the same. In a world of instant digital I can control my media world, conveying brave as an act of not participating is a lesson I am still learning. The social media age involves a lesson in bravery I missed as a kid. Now my bravery is decided by my privacy settings and how many videos or pictures I post of myself or my family. I can’t look this privacy thing in the face and say “roar” and keep going, I actually have to think about it. When did brain power become apart of bravery. I can’t just jump on a horse, yell savagely and ride into a social media battle. I have to be strategic in my braveness. Image

Strategic braveness for me equals avoidance. But, I can’t avoid the inevitable forever so here I am. Trying to be privately openly brave. 

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