Dashboards, blogs and videos, Oh My!

Image    Ok. So a few months ago I thought a dashboard was the thing inside your car where the vents are located. I know I’m late. I’ve had a MacBook for 7 years and I use the dashboard on it all the time, but I never really connected the two. There was no “aha” moment for me it was more like “Duh, I knew that!”

I enrolled in the Social Media class because I know that I have a mental block when it comes to social media and technology. I realized how important social media is to organizations and business after I started my own business. There is so much to gain from the interaction facilitated by media online. This class has taught me that you can actually “listen” to specific online conversations by focusing your search. It makes since.  I tried out Netvibes. The first “listening” I did on their was like trying to listen to 2 year olds yellingat each other while standing in the middle of an interstate. Translation: it was crazy.

On the second try I realized how to tailor my search to find information I could use and understand. Now I have three dashboards on Netvibes.  Two keep me entertained with stories of mothers and their children, helpful medical advice, and how -to’s when it comes to raising boys. After four tries I found an interesting way to hear conversations about disaster preparedness around the country. Using a dashboard offers much more information and opinion in comparison the Facebook (that was the extent of my social media knowledge before).  It is nice to have a place to find stuff without looking so hard. I am even thinking of creating a dashboard to help me with research for another assignment

The simple fact that I am blogging about all of social media stuff is crazy in itself. I have a blog for my company, but it is dead. I haven’t logged into it in so long I would not be surprised if the url was gone. Blogging is not as difficult as I thought it was, but it is hard. It is time consuming because I have to think of what to write about.  Is that topic interesting to the audience I am trying to reach and how can I make it more interesting? Where do I need to add links and where should they go? All questions I have to think about when blogging. Then those questions make me use more social media stuff because links need to be relevant, pictures need to make some sense and well you should have a reason for adding a random video

So welcome me social media world. I am here! I am moving slow but I am here! 


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