It’s almost Valentine’s Day and this year I am prepared. Well, kind of. I’m the mom frantically walking through the open-all-night store looking for Valentine cards for my son’s class. Who knew you could buy them three weeks early. Obviously I didn’t until this year. Thank you local grocer for slapping me in the face … Continue reading


Sick for a Cause!

Being sick is never fun. However if it leads you to discovering something that can change your future for the better, I guess it is necessary. I don’t know how often that is possible. Some people discover more sickness through small sickness, but for me I discovered a new, although difficult freedom.  A little more … Continue reading

For class

The art of storytelling

In elementary school we usually learn that every story has a beginning, middle and end. In middle school we add multiple paragraphs to the stories we write. High school brings an extended vocabulary or “descriptive words.” By the time we reach college, if that route is chosen, character development is better and we write with … Continue reading


Yes, rum.

Gluten is over rated, lol. Well for me it is. Tiramisu is no longer off limits for me, not that I ever really liked it. At my bakery, The Free Cookie, we make this tiramisu cupcake with chocolate, coffee and rum. Yep, rum in a cupcake! It is not a cupcake you eat everyday, or … Continue reading